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PED, Dysmorphia, Anorexia, Bulimia, Woman's Athletic Triad

[Lecture 28 PED, Dysmorphia, Anorexia, Bulimia, Woman's Athletic]

Performance Enhancing Drugs

[Lecture 27 Performance Enhancing]

Supplementation Continued

[Lecture 26 Supplementation]

Supplementation Particulars

[Lecture 25 Supplementation]

The Kenyans and Oprah

[Lecture 24 The Kenyans and]

FDA and Carbohydate Supplementation During Exercise

[Lecture 23 FDA and Carbohydate Supplementation During]


[Lecture 22]

Nutrition for Athletes Protien

[Lecture 21 Nutrition for Athletes]

Eating for Health

[Lecture 20 Eating for]

Nutrition for the Athlete

[Lecture 19 Nutrition for the]

Diet and the Athlete

[Lecture 18 Diet and the]

Aloha and Welcome

[1.Aloha and Welcome to Sports and Exercise]

Metabolism and Micronutrients and Exercise

[Metabolism and Micronutrient and Exercise]

Metabolism and Energy 4

[Metabolism and Energy 4 Macronutrient Oxidation]

Metabolism and Energy 3

[Metabolism and Energy 3 Oxidative]

Metabolism and Energy 2

[Metabolism and Energy 2 Glycolysis]

Metabolism and Energy 1

[Metabolism and Energy 1]

Water 3

[Introduction 12 Water]

Water 2

[Introduction 11 Water]

Water 1

[Introduction 10 Water]


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